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City of Sails: The History of Auckland City Council, 1989-2010
Published by UpStart Press, 2013

Working with David
A Hodder Moa Book, published by Hachette Livre NZ Ltd, 2008

The Myers
David Ling Publishing Limited, 2007
(Written with Paul Goldsmith)

Roderick Deane:
His Life & Times

Penguin Group (NZ), 2006
(Written with Judith Bassett)

Coates of Kaipara
Auckland University Press, 1995

The Essentials of Successful Leadership in Twentieth Century New Zealand Politics
Political Science, Volume 51 No. 2, December 1999, pp.108-119.

Tomorrow Comes the Song: A Life of Peter Fraser
Penguin Books, 2001
(Written with Michael King)

The State in New Zealand 1840-1984: Socialism without Doctrines?
Auckland University Press, 1998

Sir Joseph Ward: A Political Biograph
Auckland University Press, 1993

The Mother of All Departments
The history of the Department of Internal Affair

Auckland University Press, 1997

Three Party Politics in New Zealand

Historical Publications, 1982

The Third Labour Government
Dunmore Press, 1976

The 1951 Waterfront Dispute

Reed Books, 1972

Tomorrow Comes the Song:
A Life of Peter Fraser

Penguin Books, 2001
(Written with Michael King)

PETER FRASER (1884-1950) was New Zealand's wartime Prime Minister and a world figure of considerable stature. His political career spanned most of the first half of the twentieth century. Born into poverty and agrarian discontent in the Scottish Highlands, he moved to New Zealand in his twenties, and played a major role in the foundation of the Labour Party. He was gaoled during the First World War for opposing conscription.

Peter Fraser became the single most important figure in Labour's gradual rise to power. He was deputy to Michael Joseph Savage, and an outstanding Minister of Education and Health after 1935. Fraser became Prime Minister on Savage's death in March 1940. He steered the country through the Second World War, inspiring Winston Churchill to observe that New Zealand "never put a foot wrong". He was one of the founding fathers of the United Nations in 1945. Old before his time, and in poor health, he lost office at the end of 1949, and died the following year. By then he had won the respect, if not the love, of most people in his adopted country.

This major book in the tradition of Keith Sinclair's biography of Walter Nash was written by Michael Bassett using much material gathered by Michael King. The first full biography of Fraser, it is essential reading for anyone seriously interested in New Zealand political history. The book confirms the widely held belief that Peter Fraser is the country's greatest ever Prime Minister.

This book is available from Penguin Books, Private Bag 102902, North Shore Mail Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.